This year we honor 10 years of caregiving at the Wings Home.

October 11, 2010, is the day that the doors opened to accept the first patient. Since then, over 800 patients and their families have been served. This four-bedroom residential home is available to Wings of Hope Hospice patients at the end of life, free of charge.
Its services would not be possible without community support or its volunteers.

The Wings Home relies solely on our community and its incredible generosity, whether it be of time or money. Because of people like you, residents can stay at the Wings Home with no cost to them or their family. That burden is removed from the family so they can focus on one of the most precious moments of their loved one’s life.

There are four rooms with one bed in each room. The cost in 2020 to run the Wings Home is $235,060. On average, the cost per person, per room per day is $161. The cost per person per week is $1,127. The cost per person per month is $4,830. Any gift, big or small, makes a difference in someone’s life. Any gift will make a difference for the Wings Home and its future in our community.
Please consider making a gift today by clicking here.

Thank you to the staff, volunteers and donors who started and sustain the Wings Home. Your support ensures it will remain a resource for those in need today and in years to come.